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Report: Heat have put out "feelers" on trading Shabazz Napier

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Zach Lowe of ESPN's Grantland has said that the Miami Heat have put out "feelers" about trading Shabazz Napier.

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The Miami Heat seem to be putting everyone up in potential trade scenarios. Now, it's time for Shabazz Napier.

Grantland's Zach Lowe, a terrific NBA writer, has said the following concerning the Miami Heat:

Stay tuned for more here, too. We all assume things will work out for Miami, because the Heat are the Heat, and Riles is the godfather with a pile of bling to toss in front of free agents over the next two summers. Hell, Justise Winslow just fell into their laps. But the Heat have traded three first-round picks and some cap flexibility to build around Goran Dragic, a 29-year-old speed demon working on a five-year deal, and two stars on the wrong side of 30.

There might not be a more fascinating long-term situation in the league. In the meantime, bringing Wade back on a one-year, $20 million deal puts the Heat about $13 million over the projected tax line, and Miami wants no part of the harsh repeater penalties that would come with paying the tax for a fourth time in five seasons. Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen are available for nothing, per several league sources, and the Heat have even put out Shabazz Napier feelers with an eye on carving out extra cap room next summer.

Any team with a need at power forward — Toronto, Indiana, Utah — should see whether they might snag Josh McRoberts for a second-round pick (or two).

There's a lot there. It's not news that Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen have been mentioned in trade talks to help the Heat out in their salary situation. We have also heard that Josh McRoberts could be on the move. Personally, I HATE the idea of giving McRoberts away for nothing. But, it's a business.

Now, though, it seems the Heat may even be willing to give up on second year guard Shabazz Napier just to save some money and create flexibility. I don't like this either.

One of the reasons is that because shedding Napier isn't going to save that much money. He is slated at a rookie $1.29 million next season. The Heat can replace that with a cheaper non-guaranteed player for under a million, but any attempt to sign a veteran won't be much of a save.

Napier Contract

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Also, if the Heat really don't want Napier, they have a team option for the following off-season. So trading him for not much in return, I think, is a bad idea. Napier is still young, and has room to grow. He possesses a lot of natural point guard feels that Mario Chalmers doesn't have. Sure, he won't pass Goran Dragic in the rotation, but Napier could be a cheap and good piece for the Heat moving forward.

It's unclear what the Heat are going to do, but it sure does seem like they are being active in looking at a lot of possibilities to shape the roster amid a high payroll.