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Could Dorell Wright reunite with the Heat?

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Checkout what Dorell Wright said about possibly returning to the Miami Heat.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Free Agent forward Dorell Wright is looking to play for a team next season, and he looks to be interested in coming to the place it all started. Wright was on 560 WQAM and was asked a few questions.

The first was about what he was looking for in a team next season, where he said:

"Something that makes sense not only for myself but my family. Definitely playing time and the right situation, man. You could go to certain teams and you could be the third or fourth player [at] your position, so you always want to go somewhere where you’re gonna come in and play, and be able to contribute."

Wright is a skilled three point shooter who can also play respectable defense. You know who could use a player like himn? I'll give you one guess. So of course, his response prompted the follow up of whether he could see himself playing in Miami next season, where he said:

"It’s a great chance of me returning back to Miami. I’m good friends with a lot of those guys. I’d be comfortable with coming back and also going out there competing at the highest level." He continued "I played against Spo’s system. I played for that organization for six years and I understand what they’re looking for, what their expectation is from a player each and every day. You’ve got to bring your hard hat each and every day to work hard in practice and in games. If that opportunity came up again hopefully it’s gonna be good for myself and the family so I can make that move."

Last season in Portland, Wright shot 38% from the three point line, and is a career 36% from beyond the arc. He is also is considered one of Dwyane Wade's best friend, so his possible comeback isn't just an idea being floated around for the sake of creating content. The bottom line is Miami could use Wright's skill and Wright would land an important role on this team starving for three point shooting.

So do you want to see Dorell Wright back in Miami? Take the poll!