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Goran Dragic, Pat Riley confident revamped Heat will contend in the East

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The more notable moments from today's press conference to announce the official signing of Goran Dragic.


The announcement from the team came through on the first day free agents can sign on the dotted line and the official deal for starting point guard Goran Dragic is a five-year, $86 million deal to stay with the Miami Heat.

The following lists the notable quotes during the press conference from team president Pat Riley, newly signed Goran Dragic, and head coach Erik Spoelstra that was held shortly after the team put out their press release on the signing.

Dragic on taking less than the max to stay: "I'm really happy to be here. It was easy decision for me. This organization wants to win a lot of championships." He continued by saying he got a good deal and that his parents raised him to understand money isn't everything. "I could get more, but it doesn't matter. I'm happy"

Dragic on the importance of a five-year deal: "It means a lot to know I'll spend the next 5 years here." He continued, "When you find the right place, you want to stay there as long as possible."

His view on the organization: "Everybody's family. Everybody's got your back. That means a lot."

Riley then said both Dwyane Wade and Dragic were called at the same time, so neither would feel a sense of inequality when it came to value. Dragic, who got the call while he was sleeping Slovenia said Riley woke him up.

Riley spoke of how Dragic wasn't too happy being called that late but added "He went back to bed and said to his wife, 'Now we can afford tuition for our kids.'"

Dragic on the team next year: "A lot of opponents, they're going to be scared of us."

Spoelstra on Dragic: "Don't let his looks fool you. Goran is a competitor." He then touched on how the team would like to use Dragic's speed as an advantage.

Dragic on the team's pace next season: "Everybody knows my style. I like to play fast. I like to be in the open court and make easy plays for others. We have a lot of good players on this team, but in the end, the most important thing is how this team is going to play together. But this is a team sport, everybody needs to sacrifice."

More Dragic: "Dreams come true. I'm really happy that I'm here. Now the real work starts. You have to satisfy the fans."

Dragic then took some time to answer a question in Spanish. Thats right, the Slovenian speaks spanish. I took Spanish in high school AND college and I don't know Spanish. This is embarrassing on my part.

Riley on where the teams headed: "You have to have high expectations...We have moved on from what happened last year," he said. "With a complete roster, we can contend in the East ... and I mean contend high. We're gonna go for it."

Dragic on the addition of Gerald Green to the team: "He's a high motor. He can make unbelievable shots."

Last Dragic note: "I'm 29. It's time to win something."