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Which Southeast team had the best offseason?

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With the help of numberFire, we take a look at the transactions of the Southeast Division teams this offseason and see who made the biggest gain for next year.

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The Miami Heat had a successful offseason. Although it wasn't noisy, they kept their free agents they wanted and acquired a few more while they shipped out some salary.

With the help of numberFire, we are able to see a net gain of the teams in the Heat's division to see who made the biggest impact. A nERD rating is an algorithm that is derived straight from the game data, which numberFire analyzes to create an efficiency rating.

While you can see the Heat added Amar'e, which is going to pay great dividends for them. Sending out Shabazz was actually a positive thing for the Heat. The Heat actually have a net of 5.1 by what they brought in and what they sent out, a little crazy to think about.

Overall, here's what Miami actually did this offseason:
-- They drafted Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson
-- They acquired Amar'e Stoudemire and Gerald Green in free agency
-- They traded away Zoran Dragic and Shabazz Napier
-- They let Michael Beasley and Henry Walker "go" in free agency

The decisions are still out on Tyler Johnson, James Ennis and even Hassan Whiteside who all own partial guarantee deals. But for now, they are on the roster. Regardless, adding a healthy Chris Bosh is going to make this team better than the 37-45 record they were last year.

NumberFire's Heat recap:

The Miami Heat will almost certainly be better next season than they were this past year by virtue of the fact that they should have a healthy Chris Bosh back to round out a strong starting lineup that includes last season's deadline acquisition and newly re-upped point guard, Goran Dragic. Throw in Justise Winslow dropping in the draft and being gifted to them with the tenth pick and the Heat should have no trouble getting back to the top half of the Eastern Conference after a year in the lottery. Free agent additions Amar'e Stoudemire and Gerald Green are decent enough depth pieces and the Heat didn't lose anyone all that important this summer, so their offseason certainly gets a passing grade with a very good Net nERD of 5.1.

But what about the competition in their own division?

As you can see, it's hard to declare a winner. Every team brought in a negative rating, but the Heat have the least of those. Charlotte sends out the most, most of which was Lance Stephenson, so they have the best net rating. The Heat should be in good shape in regards to their division, but they have other foes in their way then just these teams.

This is just a short look at what Miami did this offseason amid the teams around them. What do you think about what they've done compared to those around them? Is it enough?

Only the Knicks and Raptors have a better net rating than the Heat or Hornets in the Eastern Conference. So Miami is right there among the most improved from a statistical standpoint.

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