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Heat 2015-16 regular season schedule released: Key dates, long road trip revealed

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Heat open the regular season at home against the Charlotte Hornets and their first road game is against rival Cleveland Cavaliers with a tough November on the horizon.

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The 2015-16 NBA Season schedule was just released HERE and your Miami Heat is playing a handful of must see games!

Here are a handful of games worth highlighting:

October 28th vs Charlotte Hornets: Opening the season against a division rival in an electric American Airlines Arena will be a thrilling game to watch.

October 30th at Cleveland: Two nights later Miami travels to Cleveland to face LeBron and the Cavaliers. This game is the Cavs home opener. Possible Eastern Conference Finals preview? Check out the Christmas game here.

November 11th vs LA Lakers: Kobe Bryant plays what will likely be his last game in Miami.

November 27th at New York: Miami will travel to Madison Square Garden and play the Knicks, a team that Heat fans will never be thankful for.

December 3rd vs Oklahoma City: This is the game where you imagine Kevin Durant in a Heat uniform.

December 5th vs Cleveland: LeBron comes to town. This time to no standing ovation.

December 25th vs New Orleans: Noon game. Anthony Davis vs Hassan Whiteside. Merry Christmas.

January 17th at Oklahoma City: You can't bring Durant back to Miami after the game.

January 19th vs Milwaukee: The Khris MIddleton revenge game!!

February 7th vs LA Clippers: The Clips are one of the deepest teams in the NBA this season. Looking forward to see this basketball game on Super Bowl Sunday. Oh and remember how Whiteside did against the Clippers right?

February 9th vs San Antonio: As if the Clippers weren't deep enough, the Spurs come into town two nights later.

February 24th vs Golden State: Chef Curry and his shot come to Miami.

March 1st: vs Chicago & March 11th at Chicago: 2k Ratings Games.

March 19th vs Cleveland: By March, both teams will be at it's seasons best. You'll know by this game if the Heat are a threat to Cleveland.

April 7th vs Chicago: Can we go ahead and call every Heat Bulls match up "2K" just to see if Whiteside can get his ratings up?

You can see the FULL Heat schedule here.