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Heat sign Keith Benson to training camp deal

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The Miami Heat have signed Keith Benson to a non-guaranteed contract.

Consider this a formality, the Miami Heat have signed Keith Benson to a contract. As is, the Heat already had 15 players under contract, and the addition of Benson seems to likely just be for training camp.

Benson is likely signing a one-year deal that is not guaranteed unless on the roster by opening night.

Benson has played in 3 NBA games, all with the Warriors, and he played in the Orlando Summer League this year. He's played overseas the last two seasons. Benson is a 27 year old, 6'11 forward or center. But even overseas, Benson hasn't been much of a standout.

But who knows, if the Heat makes some moves, maybe Benson has a chance to take a spot with not much salary room.