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Former Heat center Greg Oden will play in China

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After sitting out the entirety of last season, Greg Oden is attempting a comeback and will play in China.

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Oden is going to continue is professional career playing basketball, only this time, he's heading over to China to play for the Jiangsu Dragons. According to the deal is worth $1.2 million and for one year.

Oden last played for the Miami Heat in 2013-14, the year the Heat lost to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. Oden sat last season out on his own free will to continue to recover, and he was also battling some legal issues due to a physical dispute that happened in his hometown of Indianapolis.

Oden was widely considered the best player when drafted No. 1 overall by the Portland Trail Blazers in 2007, one spot ahead of Kevin Durant. Battling injuries, he's never lived up the the hype. When he played for the Heat, he had moments of effectiveness, but it never panned out. He couldn't even guard Roy Hibbert.

Now, Oden will play in China as many other professionals have chosen to do before. Here's why...1) the money is comparable. Oden is making just about the same he would if he signed with a team in the NBA, maybe even more. And 2) the season in China ends well before the NBA season, leaving Oden open and available to sign with a team in the NBA before the end of the year if he performs well in China.

This is what Michael Beasley did last year. And it could be Oden's goal for this year. It's unlikely to say the least that the Miami Heat will have interest, but you never know.

Oden worked out for the Dallas Mavericks and Charlotte Hornets but didn't receive a contract offer.

Here's some highlights of Greg's time in Miami, but also included a lot of fouls and turnovers...