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Rumor: Are the Jazz actually interested in trading for Chalmers?

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Bye Bye Rio?

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The latest off-season theme of dumping salary continues. Due to the loss of Dante Exum, the Utah Jazz suddenly have a need for a shooting guard and could be a potential trade partner with the Heat to acquire Mario Chalmers, according to Fox Sports.

How would he fit in the Jazz you really care about that part? Do the Jazz even care much about that part? Chalmers would serve as a stop gap solution with an expiring contract. Miami would probably get nothing in return, other than possibly a second round pick in the future.

Chalmers recently addressed the rumors of him possibly being traded away and also got on Sirius XM to talk about how he is over looked as a player. He said "I always get comments like you only won championships because you had D-Wade on your team or 'Bron on your team and I'm like..'that's not my fault.'"

Well, now if Mario is traded, he can show the world how he does without LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, by playing alongside  Gordon Hayward and Trey Burke.

Full Story Here: Fox SportsSports World Report.