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Hassan Whiteside reveals new NBA 2K rating

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His famous "trying to get my 2K rating up" seems to be coming to fruition.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Hassan Whiteside, who's NBA ascendence has been chronicled many times over (including today at SBNation's NBA page) proudly announced a different kind of tangible ascendance.

Whiteside, an avid NBA 2K player, often lamented how poorly he was rated in the game, infamously having the dishonor of being the lowest ranked player in the 2012 edition at a 49 overall. He didn't fare much better when he first joined the Heat and was added to the in-game roster in NBA 2K15, rating a lowly 59.

Following a string of impressive showings, highlighted by his historic triple-double against the Chicago Bulls, Whiteside uttered his "trying to really get my NBA 2K rating up" to a national audience.

That prompted a huge jump to an overall rating of 77 thanks to the update system featured in the game. Good, but not nearly what Whiteside had in mind.

In NBA 2K16, Whiteside will be have an 81 overall player rating, a modest jump from last season's heights, but one that puts him in the upper echelon of his virtual center brethren. It will be quite interesting to see what his individual attributes look like and where he ranks amongst his Heat teammates.