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Birdman not concerned with constant Heat trade rumors

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With an impending repeater tax, Birdman may become expendable for Miami. However, he's taking trade rumors in stride and instead opting to concern himself with the Heat's progression.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Once again another Miami Heat player is the subject of trade rumors, and this time it’s fan favorite Chris Andersen.

Birdman, who has been with the Heat since 2012, is reportedly in consideration to be traded due to the impending repeater tax.

To give you an idea how Birdman fits into this equation, take it from Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk:

"The Heat are currently at $90.3 million in guaranteed salary, they just need to trim $5 million or so to get below the line. If you’re a contender well over the line (think Cleveland) you just bite the bullet as an owner, but if you’re just over the line why pay the extra?

Birdman is slated to make $5 million dollars next season, and with his age and how frequently he gets injured he’s becoming expendable. However, with that being said Birdman recognizes the possibility of a trade and understands the business aspect of basketball explaining in an interview with Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel:

"It's a business, man," Andersen, 37, said."It doesn't bother me one bit."

Even with trade rumors looming Andersen is focused on the Miami Heat. Andersen spoke about the changes the Heat have made saying:

"It's all about progression, man," "We're trying to improve ourselves and make sure that we set a precedent of coming into the league this season with a mindset of winning. And I think the guys and the moves that we made are heading in the right direction for us to accomplish our goals."

Birdman is a huge part of the Heat’s identity, his energy off the bench is unparalleled, and he's a great locker room presence, but the repeater tax will be detrimental to the Heat.

As much of a fan favorite as he is and how important of a role he's played for the team in past seasons, don't be surprised if come October, Birdman is no longer in Miami.