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Hassan Whiteside and Draymond Green trade barbs on Twitter over small ball

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NBA Off-Season? What's that?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

You'll see a majority of teams going into small ball this coming season due to the Warriors winning it all with the formula. The Miami Heat won't be one of those teams...that is if Hassan Whiteside can get buckets.

It all started when Whiteside (who has been saying all summer long that small ball won't work against him at any point) tweeted out this:

Somewhere in that tweet, notorious trash talker turned champion Draymond Green heard this name being called out, and responded with this:

Whiteside then responded Wednesday morning, pretty much inviting Green down into the post to guard him straight up:

Green then said he could flop because he's getting paid $82 million compared to Whiteside's salary..and some other things:

The Warriors won with small ball. Coach Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley have both emphasized about Miami going into a quicker pace next season. Whiteside is the wild card that could elevate Miami past LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East.

On one side, it's great to see the starting center never backing down from anyone regarding his opinion, but on the other side Whiteside has no reason to tweet about this, when he could just show how much he's improved when the season starts.

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