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Micky Arison solicits fan feedback on potential "South Beach" Heat jersey colorway

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The Heat owner took to Instagram to see if fans want to see a new version of the Heat's uniform.


Miami Heat owner Micky Arison may be seeking to switch up his team's colorway for a possible alternate uniform in the near future that recalls South Beach and Miami Vice.

On Wednesday, Arison posted a fan-made mockup of Dwyane Wade on the court with two Heat jersey variants featuring pink and teal and asked for fan feedback, saying he might bring up the possibility with adidas - the NBA's current apparel company.

The "South Beach" colorway was at its most popular peak a few years ago when LeBron James released his signature shoe with Nike with it but hasn't been seen much as of late.

The creator of the white jersey on the left, Carwyn Thomas "WelshNBAFan" originally posted a few variations of his idea on Reddit that can be seen below and has received mostly positive feedback, with "heatvshaters305" the designer of the black jersey.

What do you think? Let Arison know in the comments below or on his Instagram account.

Wade alternate jersey

Wade South Beach alternate 2

Heat court South Beach