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ESPN predicting Dragic will be an All-Star

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Goran Dragic is in the perfect situation to succeed this season in Miami, obviously ESPN has taken note of that as their Forecast Panel predicts he will make his first ever All-Star appearance this season.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

After an All-Star selection worthy season in 2014, Goran Dragic returned to a Phoenix Suns team loaded with point guards, sub-par big men, and limited minutes. As a result of that, (as many Goran Dragic fantasy owners know), he wasn't his usual self until he started to find his role in Miami.

Now Dragic is in the perfect situation to succeed, with Chris Bosh and Ama're Stoudemire offering viable pick and roll options, an elite big man in Hassan Whiteside and talented guards surrounding the wing. Obviously ESPN's Forecast Panel has made note of Dragic's situation as they've predicted that Dragic will be awarded his first All-Star selection this season.

I for one can't wait to see Dragic play this year, as someone who was incredibly anxious to see him play with Chris Bosh when he first found his way to Miami I was hit with immense disappointment the following day. Dragic is a maestro when it comes to a pick and pop type offense (just like Steve Nash) and with Bosh's improved shooting this will prove to be a deadly weapon. Bosh is a way better basketball player than Channing Frye and the damage those two caused in Phoenix nearly resulted in a playoff appearance in the Western Conference, so one can only imagine what the results will be in Miami.

Dragic is also a phenomenal scorer, with a solid shooting touch from long range. He's an elite finisher in traffic, and that coupled with advanced court vision make him lethal. Where Steve Nash elected to pass constantly, Dragic is slightly more selfish and in my opinion that makes him more of a threat.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Heat are in a position to succeed this season, I just think casual NBA enthusiasts aren't taking into account how good they can be.