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A look back at the Miami Heat's most memorable Christmas games

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The Miami Heat will be home again on Christmas. Time to relieve the best Christmas moments!

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For the sixth season in a row, your Miami Heat will be playing on Christmas. While the opponent hasn't been officially decided yet, Barry Jackson from the Miami Herald reported that the opponent might be the New Orleans Pelicans in an afternoon match up.

Even though Miami went through a lottery season, the offseason for the franchise along with high expectations clearly favored Miami into the discussion for playing on Christmas for yet another year.

In the first 20 seasons of its franchise life, Miami played on Christmas just five times. Now its played each of the past six seasons, accounting for a total record of 9-2 overall, which includes being 4-0 at home. Miami had one of the most memorable games of the 2014-15 season when they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 101-91.

We all had a feeling Miami would be involved in the Christmas Day of NBA games considering the jerseys for that game have already leaked. So let's take a look back at Miami's exciting Christmas journey over the years..

Christmas 2004Shaq vs Kobe I. Recap Here. Miami beats LA 104-102.

Quote of the game: "When you've got a Corvette that runs into a brick wall, you know what's going to happen." Shaquille O'Neal on speaking what would happen when Kobe Bryant drove through the lane.

Christmas 2005Shaq vs Kobe 3. Recap Here. Miami beats LA 97-92.

Quote of the game: "We didn't bring him here on a gurney. This is not a quick trip to South Beach. He still has the ability to make some big plays, and at the same time he did a great job defending Kobe." Pat Riley speaking about the impact Gary Payton had down the stretch.

Christmas 2006D Wade vs Kobe. Recap Here. Miami beats LA 101-85.

Quote of the game: "Flash, man, that boy's got something." - Dorell Wright speaking on Wade's 41 points and 11 assists.

Christmas 2009Dwyane dominates. Recap Here. Miami beats NY 93-87.

Quote of the game: "Coach Fizdale said, 'Take us home,' and I just had that mentality," - Dwyane Wade, who scored 10 points in the final six minutes and led the team with 30 points and 9 assists.

Christmas 2010LeBron beats L.A. Recap Here. Miami wins 96-80.

Quote of the game: "Just asked him what he got for Christmas," LeBron on the trash talk with Kobe during the game.

Christmas 2011Defeating Dallas. Recap Here. Miami beats Dallas 105-94.

Quote of the game: "It was showtime" - Mario Chalmers on defeating Dallas.

Christmas 2012Heat beats Thunder. Recap Here. Miami beats OKC 103-97

Quote of the game: "I'm tired as hell right now," James said after a near triple double of 30 points, nine assists and eight rebounds.

Christmas 2013Heat beat Lakers..again. Recap Here. Miami beats LA 101-95.

Quote of the game: "It's not as special when Kobe's not out there," - LeBron James.

Christmas 2014Miami wins as LeBron returns. Recap Here. Miami beats the Cavs 101-91.

Quote of the game: "Couple of the best in this generation," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra speaking on LeBron and D-Wade.

The full 2015-16 NBA season schedule will be released next Tuesday.

So which of these games was your favorite to watch? Vote below!