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Who will be the Heat's breakout player for the 2015-16 season?

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With several returning players and new faces, the Heat could greatly benefit from a big-time performance from one of them this upcoming season.

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In the classic "Acres of Diamonds," Russell Conwell writes treasures lie beneath our very own feet. The Miami Heat have players on the roster now who could possibly raise their game to another level.

Experts predict the Heat will be contenders, but is there a breakout player who could lead them to a championship in 2016?


Justise Winslow

Selected No. 10 in the draft, will Winslow be given a big enough minutes to contend for Rookie of the Year honors? The expectations are high for him to have a banner year, but can he exceed expectations? He has the talent, now he must prove he could be the "next Dwyane Wade," as coach K. predicted.

Josh Richardson

Biggest sleeper on the squad, who could make an impact given the opportunity as the season progresses.  Of course, his minutes will be greatly impacted if and when Mario Chalmers indeed moves on.


Hassan Whiteside

Whiteside technically was not a rookie last season, but will he take his game to the next level this season?  Bob Cousy compares him to the all-time great Bill Russell. Now can Whiteside lead the Heat to championships over the likes of the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers as Russell did for his Celtics?

Tyler Johnson

An undrafted long-shot who could be in the running for the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award, if he takes another big step after a promising rookie campaign. A fan favorite of HeatNation, Tyler epitomizes the heart and hustle of a champion who never should have been one.

Gerald Green

Will teaming with Dragic bring out the best in him, and surprise everyone with his athletic ability to help power the Heat through the Eastern Conference and propel them to the Finals? Relatively unknown in Miami, Green will get the chance to showcase his extraordinary talents there. Can he break out to become the spark that fuels the Heat?


Josh McRoberts

Miami never got the chance to meet the real Josh McRoberts. Will he be the player to help fortify the team's depth and help lead the Heat to a deep playoff run after a lost last season? Is he the missing link in the Heat going from contenders to champions?

Chris Bosh

Will he fulfill his max contract status as one of the dominant players in the NBA? Always an elite player in the NBA, Bosh has never gotten his due to become a legend, despite his rebound and pass to Ray Allen in an iconic moment in Heat history. Will Bosh be labeled "Big Shot Bosh" throughout the entire season?

Dwyane Wade

Will cryogenics make him the Heat's "Terminator" and relive his role as 2006 Finals MVP? Written off as "past his prime," Wade will seek to prove his critics wrong by having a career season that shows everyone he is still has MVP possibilities.

Luol Deng

Often written off as trade-bait, will Luol show Miami Heat fans why he was an All-Star selection and have break-out season? Still in the later stages of his prime years, the uptempo style of the Miami Heat will suit him just fine. Will Deng step out of shadows and again be the heart-and-soul of a team determined to win it all?

Amar'e Stoudemire

Can he regain his health and physical dominance that made him one of the feared power forwards in the league? Once a number one option, Stoudemire fell on hard times with injuries and inferior supporting casts. Now will his new teammates provide him the chance to fully showcase his immense talents? Since the other teams can't focus on only stopping him, Stoudemire will get breathing room to have a season few expect.


Goran Dragic

Will the Dragon guide the Heat to his first Finals appearance in his career, in what would be his second postseason appearance of his career? Can he crack the All-Star first-team line-up? With championship-caliber teammates, Dragic could see his playing-making and attacking-the-basket abilities elevated to a higher level.

Mario Chalmers

With one last chance to stick with the Heat, Chalmers may show the team he can be depended on after an inconsistent 2014-15 season where his role was largely undefined.

Udonis Haslem

The definition of a Heat Lifer, not much is expected from Haslem this season, but that could be the very reason he could provide his loyal fans a pleasant surprise.

Chris Andersen

He has already contributed more than expected since his arrival, yet does he have another trick up his tattooed sleeve?

James Ennis

Another player seemingly on the bubble, will he remain with the Heat and what will his role be this season? A promising first year led to a frustratingly poor Summer League campaign in which he was hobbled by injury. How will he rebound at training camp?


Who will have an unexpected breakout season to lead the Miami Heat to the Finals?

Experts have predicted the Heat to have the most improved team as it stands now in the Eastern Conference this season. But who will be the player to raise the bar even further and have the team win the Eastern Conference championship?