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Heat add Greg Whittington to Training Camp roster

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Greg Whittington played for the Miami Heat in the Summer League. Now he will have the chance to make the roster.

The Miami Heat have added another piece to the training camp...Greg Whittington. Many of you here at HHH have hoped for Miami to give him a shot in training camp and see what he does. Now you have it.

Whittington played for the Heat in the Summer League and we were all impressed with what he brings to the table. As an undrafted forward out of Georgetown, Whittington will challenge James Ennis for the last spot on the roster.

The Heat have 12 guaranteed spots plus Hassan Whiteside. After that it's Tyler Johnson, Ennis, Whittington and Keith Benson and Corey Hawkins looking for the final spot. There's a lot to discuss there.

This move puts the Heat in position to send Whittington to the Sioux Falls Skyforce if he doesn't make the cut. There they can monitor and develop him more closely although he would be free to join any NBA team at any time.

To learn more about Whittington, you can read our exclusive interview with him from Summer League in Las Vegas.