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Bahamas welcomes Luol Deng, Miami Heat delegation for preseason training and activities

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Deng will prepare for the season during September in the Bahamas.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing a longstanding partnership between the Miami Heat and the Bahamas, starting forward Luol Deng will be getting ready for the upcoming season there for the month of September and will be soon joined by Heat dancers and team representatives for events and promotional activities.

The entire Miami Heat team held their training camp at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort two years ago as part of a five-year agreement signed by both parties in 2013 that includes the recently announced activities to celebrate the new NBA season.

"Sports are an integral part of Bahamian culture and transcends in all areas of life," Greg Rolle, former Olympian, pilot and Senior Director of Sports and Sales for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism said in a press release. "Sporting events act as a bridge for people to connect, no matter their language. Partnering with the Miami Heat affords us the opportunity to connect with one of the most important and exciting teams in the NBA and share everything that The Bahamas has to offer with an even larger audience."

Deng will spend three weeks training for the new season in the Bahamas from September 3 to 25, with Heat dancers scheduled to appear September 17 to 22, and Heat corporate partners present from October 1 to 4.

"The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism continues in its resolve to form strong strategic partnerships with leading sports organizations," Rolle said. "We are proactive in ensuring that The Bahamas is known as the premier destination for sports tourism in the Caribbean. Working so successfully with Miami Heat has helped us tremendously," he said.

For more information, you can read the complete press release here.