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Former VCU guard, Briante Weber fails physical at Heat camp

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After suffering a season ending knee injury in January, VCU star Briante Weber went un-drafted in the NBA Draft. However, it appears as if he's suffering continuous setbacks after failing his physical at Miami Heat camp.

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Injuries are my least favorite thing about sports, it's heartbreaking when you see an established star go down for a long period of time, but it's even worse when a promising career never even begins. This is what seemingly happened to former VCU guard, Briante Weber as he failed his physical with the Miami Heat due to a lingering knee injury he suffered last season. However according to Weber's agent Bill Neff, they knew this was going to happen. In an interview with Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, Neff said:

"It was a situation I would describe as one we knew could occur," "Our goal was we want to be with the Heat. That has not changed."

Neff furthered his explanation, saying that he just wanted the Heat to know what they were getting from the former Atlantic 10 defensive player of the year. He also said that he has hope Weber will be able to play for the SkyForce this season. I for one hope Web can regain success after two ACL surgeries (after he tore his ACL and MCL in January), according to Sun Sentinel in 2013-14 he led the nation in steals and even set a school record with a vertical jump measuring 45 1/2 inches.

Weber has hope that his journey isn't over, and is staying all business in the meantime. In an interview with he explained that he was liking South Florida explaining:

"It's definitely a nice place to be," he said, "but I'm here on a business trip. I'll explore it later when I make the roster."

He also explained why the Heat initially had interest in him saying:

"They've been following me for a long time, and they were one of the few teams that wanted to take a chance with me after coming off the injury," he said. "I felt like they were going to give me the best opportunity to make the team."

He also addressed his medical issues saying:

"I'm going through some medical stuff right now, so I'm temporarily not working out with the team," he said. "But I am here and I have been talking to the coaches and players. I'm just waiting for them to give me the green light to get on the court. I'm just ready to start playing again."

It's a shame that Weber went un-drafted and is still battling adversity after his injury. Hopefully he can regain his previous form and find a place in the league. If he finds a roster spot on the SkyForce he might even be able to join the Heat during the season a la Tyler Johnson and Hassan Whiteside. Whatever the case, we at Hot Hot Hoops wish him luck in his journey.