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Heat add point guard John Lucas III to training camp roster

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The Miami Heat now have 19 players coming into training camp with the addition of veteran John Lucas III.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are reaching an agreement with veteran point guard John Lucas III to join the team under a non-guaranteed deal for training camp.

This comes days after the Heat learned that Briante Weber would not be physically ready to participate in training camp. And it also comes on the same day that Joshua Smith, who played for the Heat in Summer League and worked out for the team last week, reached an agreement with the Houston Rockets.

Lucas has been around the league for some time now. And in Heat world, he's most known as the guy that LeBron James jumped over for an alley-oop, You remember that, right?

Lucas will add another piece to a now battle for the point guard spot. The Heat already firmly have Goran Dragic and Mario Chalmers in the depth. But they also have Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson as well as another camp hopeful Corey Hawkins ready to go. Lucas will be in the mix.

John has some familiarity with Spoelstra and the Heat as he was in camp with them in 2009. He lost the battle for the roster then to Carlos Arroyo. Training camp for the Heat begins on September 29.

At 32, Lucas isn't being added to the roster for the Heat to send him to the D-League. He's being added to see if he can make this roster. And that's where the discussion begins...

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