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NBA Live 16 demo avatars make a mockery of Heat players

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The demo edition of NBA Live 16 has been released, and hasn't been treating Heat players (old and new) very nicely.

It's no secret that EA Sports' NBA Live Franchise has had its share of problems. After controlling the basketball video game market for years, they hit a decline with NBA Live 10 and the Kevin Durant covered NBA "Elite" 11 that went unreleased .

Since then EA Sports has been outclassed by 2K Sports almost every year, but still make an attempt to improve and find a way into our consoles. Unfortunately it seems like once again, they have a broken game on their hands as NBA Live 16 demo avatars have surfaced and are not necessarily flattering especially for Miami Heat players.

Take second-year guard Tyler Johnson for example, or whatever this monstrosity is.

Or even Justise Winslow

Also former Heat shooter, Johnny Drama er...I mean Mike Miller looks well...not so great

Other players have seen their avatars and aren't pleased

In any case, NBA Live has some work to do especially when you're shooting free throws like this:

Or defying physics, like former Miami Heat player LeBron James

Obviously the game will be cleaned up come launch, but still there's no denying how hilarious these mishaps are.