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Masked Heat players undergo conditioning tests ahead of training camp

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Several Heat players posts group pics of the team wearing specialized face masks.

With the start of training camp just days away, the Miami Heat collectively got back to work at the AmericanAirlines Arena on Wednesday and began a series of conditioning tests.

The entire team, with the apparent nickname "The Goonies" bestowed on them, posed together wearing face masks that help simulate tougher conditions by mimicking high-altidude training as part of their conditioning tests. Several claimed benefits of wearing the masks include increased lung capacity, physical stamina, and oxygen efficiency.

Dwyane Wade, who was spotted wearing the same mask earlier in the year while rehabbing an injury, was one of several players that were active on social media later in the day posting pictures. Wade pointed out that Justise Winslow and Chris Bosh were not in the group picture because they were taking shots together at the practice court at the time.

Also, Chris Andersen makes a brief appearance in the background of one of the pictures sans mask.

Training camp begins next Tuesday at Florida Atlantic University with Media Day scheduled at the AA Arena the day before.

Hot Hot Hoops will have complete coverage of both events.

Just remember one thing above all else: the Goonies never say die.

S*** then got real.

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Time to get it in

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