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A fresh look at Miami Heat player ratings on the NBA 2K16 Early Tip-Off Edition

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With NBA 2K16 finally out, how does each Miami Heat player fare?

NBA 2K16 Early Tip-Off Edition is available at select retailers on a pre-order basis, "Players who pre-order NBA 2K16 will be able to play the game four days in advance of the release date, September 29." A month ahead of the 2015-16 NBA season, NBA 2K fans will have a pre-season of their own.

The highest rated Miami Heat player is Dwyane Wade at 86, followed by Chris Bosh at 84. Miami's depth chart, with their NBA 2K16 score in parenthesis, is:

PG  Goran Dragic (81), Mario Chalmers (72), Josh Richardson (NR)

SG  Dwyane Wade (86), Gerald Green (76), Tyler Johnson (NR)

SF  Luol Deng (78), Justise Winslow (74), James Ennis (?)

PF  Chris Bosh (84), Josh McRoberts (NR), Udonis Haslem (NR)

C    Hassan Whiteside (81), Amar'e Stoudemire (76), Chris Andersen (NR)

The assigned positions are flexible, since Stoudemire and Haslem each can play either at center or power forward and Josh Richardson can be a point or shooting guard.

Of all the starters, Deng has the lowest pre-season NBA 2K16 rating at 78. For the reserves, Stoudemire and Green have the best scores of guys coming off the bench. Justise Winslow has the highest rating of any rookie small forward and tops Stanley Johnson's 73 by a single point.

Josh McRoberts wasn't even ranked according to real2kInsider.  He had a score of 74 last season, but ratings have gotten stricter this season, so he might be a 72 or so. We'll find out each player's pre-season score soon enough.

Whiteside is ranked 10th among all NBA centers, a fact that will likely please him as he has made it his personal mission to improve his rating since his improved play with the Heat last season.

The scores for each player will change during the year after the action begins and some players may traded away, while others are brought on board to replace them. Regardless of who is the team a consensus opinion of high expectations is developing for Miami Heat to go deep into the play-offs this season.