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Heat Media Day: Justise Winslow discusses confidence, offseason preparation entering training camp

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The lottery pick says coach Spoelstra has been challenging him to get better.

Miami Heat rookie Justise Winslow was one of the last players to enter the practice court at the AmericanAirlines Arena to meet the press at Media Day on Monday.

Whether or not he'll spend much time on the court for the Heat during his rookie season is still to be determined, but he says coach Erik Spoelstra has been diligently monitoring his progress over the summer and is hopeful he can contribute meaningful minutes on a deep squad.

As a tweener at the 3 or the 4, Winslow says he hasn't been encouraged by the team to focus on one position over the other but has working on his all-around game since Summer League.

Winslow's play in Orlando and Las Vegas was thought by some to be a bit lackadaisical as he worked his way into NBA shape, but it's good to see Spoelstra challenging him and getting him into the right mindset. For his part, Winslow understands that minutes won't simply be given to him because of his accomplishments at Duke or his high draft position and that he'll have to earn them. His veteran teammates around him will also make sure of that.

Check out the full interview and stay tuned for further updates on Winslow and the team during training camp.