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Magic: Heat & Cavs are only title contenders in East

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Magic Johnson tweeted out an opinion that may be popular in Miami, but questionable across the landscape of the Eastern Conference.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

He's not shy about putting out his predictions and his thoughts. And this time, Magic Johnson is making friends in South Florida. Earlier on Tuesday, the popular NBA analyst, sent out this tweet for all to see...

That's right Heat fans, Magic thinks that Miami and Cleveland are the only current title contenders in the East. That may feel like a discredit to Chicago, Atlanta and even Washington. All of those teams will be competing in the East. But we've said all along here going into this season, Cleveland is the only thing in the way to the Finals.

The Heat will have a formidable starting lineup with Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh and Whiteside -- a lineup that never played together last season. With a bench of McRoberts, Chalmers, Green, Winslow and Stoudemire, the Heat have the veteran tools to challenge any team.

Cleveland will be the favorite with LeBron, Kyrie and Love -- but Miami is on their heels.

Magic may find favor here in Miami, but what does the rest of the league think about his thoughts? That's yet to be seen. But we want to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with Magic?