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Heat training camp: Dwyane Wade hoping for something special this season

Wade was very vocal following his first practice of training camp, addressing Whiteside's injury, the state of Chris Bosh, his new teammates, and how his game is coming along.

Surya Fernandez - SB Nation/Hot Hot Hoops

Dwyane Wade is no stranger to training camp, and in his thirteenth season as a member of the Miami Heat he seems excited as ever for the season to start. In the media scrum post practice, Wade answered multiple questions regarding his game, his health as well as addressing his teammates and how things are meshing with Miami's new acquisitions.

Wade was particularly hopeful explaining that he hopes this year's Miami Heat team is the start of something special. He was also asked about the status of Hassan Whiteside who strained his calf recently, and how he's feeling, explaining:

"For him, I'm sure...I know he wants to be out there, as long as he's out there at the right time," he said. "Right now everyone is trying to get in shape, everyone is running with their head cut off right now, so it's fine. Obviously we want him out there, but we want to be smart, it's that time of the year where everyone, especially veteran guys have to take care of their bodies, you don't want something small to become a bigger thing, especially with someone so valuable to the team."

When asked about how the players performed in their first day, Wade was honest, but positive saying:

"I thought everybody did good, veteran guys communicated well with the newcomers, just trying to help everyone."

Wade also described how his new teammates are reacting to a Miami Heat training camp focusing on former Suns, Goran Dragic and Gerald Green explaining:

"Talking to Gerald and Goran, coming from Phoenix this is a completely different training camp style so it's kinda good to look in their eyes when we start getting it going."

When asked about how Bosh was going, Wade admitted that at times he didn't even realize Chris was gone.

"It didn't even cross my mind that he'd missed time at all, he looked good, he looked comfortable."

Wade also had kind words for Josh McRoberts and Gerald Green saying that they should become best friends based on McRobert's passing ability. Wade also gushed about Amar'e Stoudemire's veteran presence, explaining that he's loud and wants to be heard, but confirming that it will be good for the Heat.

Of course Wade was also asked about his rest time where he explained that while the longest in his career it felt right, and he missed the game a little bit, so for him today was a great step in the right direction. He made it clear that he's working hard, but reflected on his career for a minute saying that he's enjoying the process as "This NBA thing goes fast man."

Of course Wade had a typical answer regarding the implementation of three point range telling a reporter while laughing:

"You've been asking me this for thirteen years," he said. "I'm just going to keep playing basketball, if there's a shot I like I'm going to take it"

Wade's comments should have all Heat fans excited as preseason approaches, there seems to be great chemistry brewing with this Miami Heat team.