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Miami Heat release brand new mobile app with updated features

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Fans can now "fully customize their Heat experience through their mobile devices".

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Just in time to celebrate the new NBA season set to tip-off just weeks away, the Miami Heat has launched a completely redesigned mobile app with a host of new features.

Available on both iOS and Android systems, the new app can be fully customized for each fan since it is a "smart app", which means information displayed depends on several factors such as game day or non-game day scenarios, location of user or if the Heat are in-season or off-season.

"For the past 18 months, the HEAT has worked hand-in-hand and side-by-side with SapientNitro to create more than just a venue app," said Eric Woolworth, President of The HEAT Group's Business Operations. "In the Miami HEAT App, SapientNitro has created an entire ecosystem; a platform for HEAT fans that includes all of the venue-oriented services a fan could want but is also a dynamic, interactive tool for fans of the team whether in Miami, Kansas City or the Philippines. Essentially, the HEAT App provides a total fan experience in the palm of your hand."

Fans can visit to learn more and take a tutorial on all the app's features.

"The SapientNitro team has invested well over 57,650 hours to learn every facet of every detail of everything the Miami HEAT use and need to generate success," said Joey Wilson, Vice President, Business Lead for SapientNitro, which developed the app in partnership with the Heat. "As a result, we have built a fan experience platform that delivers advanced in-venue features, allows fans to engage in depth with the HEAT with an unparalleled ability to interact with team content, all while providing infinite social features. The HEAT platform is specifically engineered by an NBA team for an NBA team's needs and the needs of its extensive fan base. We are confident there is nothing like this that exists in the sports and entertainment space."

Here is a full rundown of the app's new features, according to the team's press release:

"HEAT Stream"

The "mission control" of the new HEAT App is the "HEAT Stream." The HEAT Stream, of which there are 27 different variations, provides a comprehensive look at the franchise including upcoming game information, on-court and off-court player profiles, unique video content, photo galleries, HEAT news, advanced stats, scores and schedules, polls, contests, trivia, historical matchup information, trending social media postings and quick links to The Miami HEAT Store and Arena information. Key amongst the functionalities provided by the HEAT App is the constant display of the game clock and score, no matter where the user is inside the app.

FanTypes Deliver Customized Content

When users launch the HEAT App for the first time, they will be asked to select their "FanType" to customize the content they receive and their experience with the HEAT App.  There are three distinctive FanTypes:

  • "Give Me Stats, Stat!"—provides a focus on game and advanced stats;
  • "The Score and A ‘Lil More"—provides a blend of on-court and off-court info; and
  • "Keep It Light, Aight?"—where social media feeds and photos take the lead.

Based on the FanType they select, HEAT fans will be served up a continuous stream of HEAT content that gives them exactly what they asked for and more.

Mobile Ticketing and Mobile Wallet

The new HEAT App will add convenience to the HEAT Experience by allowing fans to control nearly all ticketing and purchasing functions via their mobile device. The technology Mobile Ticketing and Mobile Wallet enable fans to conduct seamless transactions and purchases as they enter and move throughout AmericanAirlines Arena. With Mobile Ticketing, a HEAT fan's mobile phone provides entry into the Arena as well as the ability to purchase, re-sell or transfer ownership of game tickets. Mobile Wallet will allow fans to make food and beverage purchases at select concessions stands throughout the facility. To activate Mobile Wallet, fans are required to create a Mobile Wallet account and register a credit or debit card.

The HEAT App will also offer a rewards program, allowing users to earn "Arena Bucks" for all food and beverage purchases made using Mobile Wallet, with all fans receiving double points for such purchases made at HEAT games on Opening Night and during the month of November. Even greater Mobile Wallet benefits will become available to the user around the start of the HEAT regular season.

Additional Functionality and Upgrades

The HEAT App is integrated with social media allowing fans to register by using a Facebook or Twitter handle or by using a valid, current email address. Live streaming of HEAT television game broadcasts will begin with the start of the regular season with radio broadcasts beginning in November exclusively for authenticated users. Future upgrades will provide even greater functionality and connection to the HEAT. Users will be notified via the HEAT App each time an upgrade becomes available.