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Miami Heat current mentality is "really, really" bad and the team knows it

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A current 1-3 West Coast trip aided by a second half collapse in Los Angeles has the team questioning itself.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

So much for a positive West Coast trip.

After the team's 3rd straight loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night 104-90, and given the way the game swung into the L.A. Clippers favor, it's not surprising that frustration is starting to rise up to the surface within the team.

Miami's all-star F/C Chris Bosh who's always candid spoke up about the team's recent struggles via Manny Navarro of The Miami Herald.

Our mentality right now is just really, really bad, and we have to fix it," Bosh said

Even coach Erik Spoelstra weighed in on a disastrous second half that saw the Miami Heat outscored by the Clippers 34-17 in the third quarter.

"What is there to say? That's about as bad a second half as you can play in this league and each one of us have to own that, starting with me. It was just bad, bad basketball in that third quarter in particular."

The frustrating thing is while this West Coach trip did present some landmines along the way such as the Golden State Warriors, and the Oklahoma City Thunder (coming up Sunday), the reality is Miami once again squandered an opportunity to steal a game versus a team who, even though they had won 9 straight games against sub .500 teams, were missing arguably two of its three best players in Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. On top of that, Miami has continued its theme this season of not being able to separate itself from the jumble that is the Eastern Conference.

With an upcoming schedule that won't get any easier with most of its time being spent on the road -- plus missing Goran Dragic for at least the rest of this current road trip -- there should be "some minor panic" right now within Heat Nation.

Miami travels to Denver next on Friday night to face a Nuggets team who just handed the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors only it's third loss of the season.