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Five Stars: Bucks 91, Heat 79

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Milwaukee took advantage of Miami's poor shooting in the second and third quarter to send the Heat to their fifth loss in six contests.

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Miami hung tight in the first quarter, but the middle half of the game would see them outscored, 56-39 by the Milwaukee Bucks on a disappointing night at the AmericanAirlines Arena. On the bright side, The Heat represent two of the top three single-game performances of the night. Unfortunately, they were the only two to show up.

Five Stars focuses on each player's single-game performance, as defined by the GameScore statistic on and as calculated by me (they don't update until the morning). That's the first number following each players' name. The second number is a homegrown statistic which measures each player's per-minute production and pro-rates it for 36 minutes of time on the floor. A score of 100 translates to a GS of 30 in 36 minutes. Below zero is always bad, I don't care where you're from.

First Star

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 27.2 (91.25)

Whiteside earned his fifth straight double-double as Miami's starting center. The four-year veteran hit eight-of-nine shots from the field and seven-of-11 from the line, with 18 rebounds (seven offensive) to his credit. In 35:22, he earned a minus-10 rating, with an assist and two blocked shots. It was his 24th overall appearance amongst the top five players of the night this season.

Second Star

Khris Middleton (MIL) 21.2 (71.26)

Middleton played 35:42 as Milwaukee's starting shooting guard, scoring a team-high 22 points on eight-of-20 shooting. A 40% success rate is nothing to write home about, but it beat Miami's mark of 36.5% for the night. Middleton registered a game-high plus-20 rating, also making two-of-four shots from outside and all four of his attempts from the line. He added seven defensive rebounds and the same number of assists along with two steals for the Bucks' win.

Talking to him, and him letting me know how he approaches the game and what he's thinking in certain situations, it's helping me out tremendously. - Middleton, on Dwyane Wade's offseason impact to his development

Third Star

Chris Bosh (MIA) 16.5 (57.81)

Bosh, Miami's 13-year veteran all-star power forward, played 34:15 altogether and made seven-of-15 from the field, including both of his three point shot attempts. He was a perfect seven-for-seven from the charity stripe, and kicked in with five rebounds, two assists and a steal. His minus-9 rating was the best mark for any Heat starter, and his 23 total points tied Whiteside for the game-high.

We obviously have to work on our mental toughness right now. We're kind of weak in that area. - Bosh

Fourth Star

Greg Monroe (MIL) 10.7 (42.91)

Monroe, Milwaukee's starting center and a six-year veteran, scored 15 points with 10 rebounds for the Bucks' only double-double of the game. He made six-of-13 shots from the floor and all three foul shots, along with one assist, one block, and a plus-2 rating in 29:55.

We were getting stops and getting out and running. The fast-break points weren't necessarily high for either team, but ... the stops were really the catalysts. - Bucks interim coach Joe Prunty

Fifth Star

Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) 9.3 (33.12)

Antetokounmpo, third year vet out of Greece, scored 14 points by hitting half of his 10 shots from the field and all four from the line, closing the game at plus-18. In 33:42, he had six rebounds, four assists, a blocked shot, and five turnovers.

The Rest

Jerryd Bayless (MIL) 8.6 (34.67)

Michael Carter-Williams (MIL) 7.6 (36.19)

Jabari Parker (MIL) 7.3 (24.66)

Luol Deng (MIA) 7.2 (25.24)

John Henson (MIL) 5.6 (44.30)

Johnny O'Bryant (MIL) 3.9 (29.71)

Josh Richardson (MIA) 3.0 (11.91)

*Amar'e Stoudemire (MIA) 2.9 (54.98)

If this series were based on per-minute productivity, then Stoudemire would have ranked as tonight's Fourth Star. He scored six points in six minutes off the bench for the Heat.

Justise Winslow (MIA) 0.5 (2.34)

Mason Plumlee (MIL) -0.4 (-16.44)

Tyler Johnson (MIA) -0.5 (-1.77)

Gerald Green (MIA) -0.5 (-3.18)

Chris Copeland (MIL) -0.7 (-54.19)

Rashad Vaughn (MIL) -1.9 (-17.47)

Tyler Ennis (MIL) -2.2 (-149.15)

Dwyane Wade (MIA) -4.4 (-24.94)

Five Stars Standings



Chris Bosh


Dwyane Wade


Hassan Whiteside


Goran Dragic


Luol Deng


Gerald Green


Tyler Johnson


Beno Udrih


Justise Winslow


Josh McRoberts


The Heat will have their chance for a quick bounce-back tomorrow night when they face the Washington Wizards in our nation's capital at 7:30 PM.