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Dwyane Wade receives encouraging text message from his son

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After dropping 28 points against the Bulls and 27 points against the Nets, Wade got some words of wisdom from his 13 year old son, Zaire.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There are times when the student becomes the teacher, or in this case... the coach.

After scoring 27 points and dishing 8 assists in Miami’s 102-98 victory against Brooklyn Tuesday night, the second game of a back-to-back, Dwyane Wade returned to the locker room to find some encouraging words in a text message sent by his 13 year old son Zaire.

With Wade’s permission, The Miami Herald's, Ethan Skolnick shared the text messages via Instagram.

With Dwyane Wade's permission, here's the first part of the text message his son Zaire sent him tonight...

A photo posted by Ethan J Skolnick (@ejskolnick) on

And here's the second part of the message that Zaire Wade sent Dwyane tonight

A photo posted by Ethan J Skolnick (@ejskolnick) on

The team has struggled as of late as they deal with injuries to several key players during the toughest stretch of their schedule, having to play 12 of 17 games on the road this month.

Kudos to Zaire for the words of encouragement, hopefully his pops will continue to stay in attack mode.