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Chris Bosh to join NBA All-Star 3-Point Contest

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This isn't confirmed, but Pat Riley gave some good information that Chris Bosh will be shooting threes on All-Star weekend.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh was just chosen to participate in his 11th NBA All-Star game. He unfortunately won't get to defend his Shooting Stars Challenge title again as that has been removed from the weekend.

But could he be participating in the 3-point contest?

Pat Riley might have let that one slip. Speaking at his honoring from the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital event, Riley let that one out, but went back and said that there was an invite for Bosh, but we are uncertain if Bosh has or will accept it.

Bosh would be against some odds participating in the contest as he doesn't have a very quick release. He also hasn't been shooting three-pointers very long, only a couple years in the NBA.

This year, Bosh is shooting 37% from three, and he's only 1 make away from tying his career high for 3-pointers for a season.

Here's a Chris Bosh three-pointer just for fun.