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Chris Bosh's numbers in last ten Heat games are impressive

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Eleven months after health scare, Chris Bosh is back at his best level.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Almost a year ago, Chris Bosh was hospitalized to treat blood clots in one of his lungs and missed the final 30 games of the regular season. Today, he is probably the best power forward in the Eastern Conference.

In the last ten games, Bosh reminded everyone how great of a player he can be. During that span, he averaged 24.7 points along with 7.6 rebounds per game, and shot 49.7% from the field including 44.8% behind the 3-point line. Clearly, he has taken his game to another level and became the leader of Miami's offense. Unfortunately, the Heat didn't fully capitalize on it and won "only" six of their ten games, but it's hard to put any blame on Bosh considering how well he has played lately.

When you look at these numbers, you can argue that Bosh is having the best stretch of games of his career as a Miami Heat. Obviously, during the "Big Three Era", his offensive responsabilities were limited because he was often the third wheel behind LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Last season, he had some nice games before the injury but didn't have this type of consistency. Right now, he is playing at a MVP level offensively, which opens a lot of opportunities for other players. For example, his capacity to stretch the floor helps guys like Goran Dragic and Wade when they attack the paint (especially in pick and pop situations) and gives Hassan Whiteside more space to operate.

After last year's health scare, Bosh understood that life is much bigger than basketball but it's obviously great to see him back at his best. Let's hope he can keep this level of production because the Heat will need it during that long road trip.