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Recap: Heat crush Nets 121-100 in preseason home opener

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After falling behind in the first half Miami battled back to cruise to an easy win.

NBA: Preseason-Brooklyn Nets at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After losing an early lead in the first half, the Miami Heat battled back in the second half against the Brooklyn Nets to create a comfortable lead and cruise to a 121-100 preseason win.

Miami got off to hot start, with a Wayne Ellington three in his first start with the Heat and a Hassan Whiteside slam. The Heat would continue to build on their run going up double digits early and putting on an offensive clinic with their starters. However, near the latter half of the first quarter things fell apart somewhat defensively and Miami let Brooklyn back into the game. The Nets would find their groove and take the lead in the second quarter.

Miami’s ball movement and shot selection was actually quite good, but they unfortunately went cold from mid-range which allowed the Nets to grab the lead. There were some great moments and signs that this offense will be able to mesh well, as made evident by Miami scoring seven straight points to end the first half.

Coming into the third quarter Miami fired on all cylinders continuing their scoring from the first half and translating it into a 15-0 run to retake the lead. It was interesting seeing various Heat players come to life like Derrick Williams and Ellington, who each converted multiple threes. Miami would continue to dominate on offense and grow a comfortable lead headed into the fourth quarter.

Miami maintained the lead in the fourth quarter, despite a few late game attempts from the Nets. All in all this was a quality preseason win for the Heat as they continue to develop their identity.

Post game thoughts:

  • This is the fastest I’ve seen the Heat play in a very long time and the spacing on offense already looks very good. Additionally, the defensive key has become something of a swat zone.
  • It’s great to see Dragić finally conducting the offense considering how limited he was when stuck in iso-situations. His finishing ability was also on full display tonight as he displayed some pretty spectacular moves.
  • Hassan Whiteside looked spectacular, the Nets literally had no one to stop him with Brook Lopez being held out of the game.
  • Tyler Johnson is doing his best to prove to everybody his contract is justified, looking very good on both offense and defense.
  • Justise Winslow struggled tonight, but I really do think he’ll be a featured part of the offense going forward. Additionally, he was able to contribute to all other aspects of the game a la Dwyane Wade when he struggled offensively.
  • Eric Spoelstra has a lot to work with formulating the rotation, and judging from this game I have no idea how the team will look come the season opener.