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Ocean Drive Mag lists Josh Richardson as a Miami influencer

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Latest Ocean Drive Mag puts Richardson in select company in the Miami style scene

Josh Richardson - Ocean Drive

In October’s Ocean Drive Mag Josh Richardson was listed among the “6 South Florida Men Who Are Putting Miami on the Map.”

They go so far as to say he’s “untouchable.” We’ll see what the guys in the locker room say about this introduction,

“From the kitchen to the court to Hollywood and beyond, six leading South Florida men are the untouchable forces that make Miami one of the fastest-growing—and most exciting—cities in America.”

6 Miami Men



“No longer a rookie, and with Dwyane Wade out of Dade County, the Miami Heat shooting guard who was thrust into the spotlight last season looks to take on a leadership role in 2016.”

In the question and answer section Richardson had this to say.

What was it like going from not even sure you’d make the team to playing significant NBA minutes last year?

“It definitely happened a lot faster than I expected, but I was ready for it, so I just tried to take advantage of the opportunity. My teammates let me grow at my own pace. I had Hall of Famers and great vets around me to teach me the ins and outs of what to do and how to approach it.”

With Dwyane Wade gone, your role is even bigger.

“I’m excited for it. It’s going to be a group effort because no one person can replace a guy like Dwyane Wade, so I think we are trying to take the reins on that and fill the void and try to make it an easy transition to the next phase.”

Do you prepare differently now?

“Definitely. Last year, I was approaching it like, “Okay, what do I need to start to do to figure out my niche on the court or to carve my role out?” I’m trying to be more of a leader this year because I’m one of the vets of the program at this point.”

The other men interviewed for the article were,

JEREMY FORD: Executive chef at Matador Room by Jean-Georges
THOMAS MEDING: Senior vice president of SBE Hotel Group
DJ IRIE: Miami’s quintessential DJ-turned-international brand
DAVE LONG: Founder and managing partner of Ultimate Fitness Group
ARON SALGADO: Responsible for Magic City Memoirs

Photos courtesy of Ocean Drive Magazine