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Ray Allen’s time in Miami was unforgettable

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Ray Allen officially retired this morning and his time in Miami was nothing less than legendary.

2014 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Despite the fact that Ray Allen hasn't played in an NBA game in two NBA seasons, he officially announced his retirement in The Players Tribune earlier this morning. Ray Allen played for four teams throughout his NBA career, but his time with the Miami Heat was unforgettable.

While Allen regressed statistically during his time in Miami, his veteran presence was felt all everywhere. His tenacity, discipline and otherworldly shooting stroke were visible every time he took the floor, and having Jesus Shuttlesworth on the Heat was spectacular in itself. Allen’s role in the Big Three era was as large as anybody else’s, and Miami’s use of his skills really helped cement the effectiveness of “small ball” in the NBA.

Of course Ray Allen’s legacy in Miami can be summarized by the Game 6 shot that still makes San Antonio Spurs’ fans cringe. A shot that earned Heat fans a bad reputation, but at the same time turned the momentum of the 2013 NBA Finals. A shot that pretty much assured Miami’s championship dream, and confirmed Allen’s legacy as one of the game’s best players ever. It’s a play Heat fans still talk about and easily one of the greatest sports moments in South Florida history.

Ray Allen currently holds the record for the most made three point field goals in NBA history. It’s a record that will probably be broken in time, but an incredible feat nonetheless. He’s a two time NBA champion and unquestionably a Hall-of-Famer. It’s been a pleasure to watch Allen play throughout his career and his basketball excellence will be missed.

Enjoy your “official” retirement Ray, you’ve earned it.