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Five Stars: Re-Bullding

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Miami brought it through three quarters, but cold shooting doomed them in the end.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Five Stars is a series where we track each participant in every Miami game throughout the season. Players are rated using the GameScore metric, then ranked first to last. The top five players make the Five Stars, regardless of which team they play for. Today’s article is about Miami’s 98-95 home loss to the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night.

First Star

Jimmy Butler (CHI) 19.6

Butler played a game-high 37:43 for Chicago, starting at small forward. He made five-of-11 shots for a game-high tying 20 points, also draining one-of-two from outside and nine-of-10 from the foul line. He added five assists, four rebounds, and three steals, posting a plus-1 rating.

Second Star

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 18.7

Whiteside led Miami with a double double-double, scoring 20 points with 20 rebounds, eight of them offensive. He made eight-of-18 from the field and a perfect four-for-four from the stripe. In 36:58, he registered a team-high plus-2 rating with three blocks and a steal. The 20 point, 20 rebound night was the third time in his career that he finished with such totals, and the sixth time in seven games this season where he earned a double-double. Not coincidentally, it was also his sixth time in the Five Stars.

Third Star

Rajon Rondo (CHI) 17.4

Rondo scored 16 points on six-of-14 shooting, including his only three-point shot attempt. He made three-of-four from the line, pulling down 12 boards with six helpers and two steals. He also led all Chicago starters with a plus-7 rating in 36:43.

Fourth Star

Justise Winslow (MIA) 15.5

Winslow scored 15 points for Miami in a team-high 37:34. He made six-of-12 shots overall and three-of-five from outside, with six assists, five rebounds, four steals, and a plus-1 rating. It was Winslow’s third time in the Five Stars, and his first time ranked above the actual Fifth Star.

I didn't agree with the call. I think that was because of the stage, because of him being back here. I don't think if he was at another venue, another regular game, they would have made that call. - Winslow, on the questionable call that sealed Wade two free throw attempts near the end of the game

Fifth Star

Dion Waiters (MIA) 11.1

Waiters earned the Fifth Star for the second time this season, making six-of-15 shots for 16 points. He made two-of-six from beyond the arc and two-of-four from the foul line, with six assists, four rebounds, a steal and a minus-3 rating in 35:51.


Dwyane Wade put up unremarkable numbers in his return to Miami, hitting just five-of-17 shots overall and finishing with 13 points, six rebounds, four assists, and a steal in 32 minutes. He would have been the 11th Star of the game (if I went down that far). The team did have this great highlight reel for Wade, which they played during a TV time out:

I can only imagine what he was going through today. A lot of emotions coming back here. - Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg

Thursday’s Worst

Goran Dragic ended up missing the last bit of the game after turning his ankle midway through the third quarter, but before that, he hit just three-of-nine from the field, with four helpers and two steals to go with his six points. He turned the ball over four times and committed a foul in 22 minutes.

Seasonal Standings

Hassan Whiteside 36
Tyler Johnson 21
Goran Dragic 19
Justise Winslow 6
Willie Reed 3
Dion Waiters 3
James Johnson 1