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Five Stars: One Half

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Despite having the top two stars on the court, Miami couldn’t overcome a 31-point first half.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Five Stars is a series where we dig into each Miami Heat box score through the 2016-17 season. Ordering by GameScore, the top five players are the Five Stars, regardless of which team they play for. This article is about Miami’s 112-104 loss to the Boston Celtics on Monday night.

First Star

Goran Dragic (MIA) 29.8

Dragic played his way into the Five Stars for the sixth time this season, and for the second time earned top honors. In a game-high 37 minutes of action, he scored a game-high 27 points with an NBA-high 17 assists. He shot eight-for-15 from the floor, missing both of his three-pointers but making 11-of-12 shots from the free throw line. He added two rebounds and a steal to finish the night with a minus-3 rating.

That is the Goran Dragic we know. It’s my responsibility to get him to that more frequently. - Heat coach Erik Spoelstra

Second Star

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 23.4

In no big surprise, Whiteside played well in Dragic’s return, scoring 25 points on 10-of-13 shooting, while making half of his 10 free throw attempts. He secured 14 defensive rebounds and pulled three off the offensive boards, with two blocks, two assists, and a minus-4 rating in 36 minutes.

Third Star

Isaiah Thomas (BOS) 17.3

Thomas, the top Boston star, led the Celtics with 25 points on seven-for-23 shooting, including two out of 10 shots from outside. He made all nine of his free throws, with eight assists, four defensive boards, a steal and a plus-3 rating in 34 minutes.

They went on a run in the third quarter, but any way we can get road wins we’re going to tak them. - Thomas

Fourth Star

Jae Crowder (BOS) 15.8

Crowder played 31 minutes for Boston and made six-of-11 from the floor. He drained two-of-four from beyond the arc and all three of his foul shots, with three helpers, four defensive rebounds, and two steals, along with a plus-5 rating.

Fifth Star

Kelly Olynyk (BOS) 12.5

Olynyk came off the bench for 20 minutes for the Celtics, and made five-of-seven shots for 14 points in total. He made two-of-three from deep and two-of-two from the stripe, with six defensive rebounds, four assists, and two blocks. His plus-10 rating ranked second of all players, to Avery Bradley’s plus-12.

We took what the defense gave us. We just kind of found ways to score however they were guarding us - Olynyk


After scoring just 31 points in the first half, Miami responded with a season-high 73 points in the second. Although their 37.8% shooting success rate was hardly their worst of the year, their 55.8% success in the second half included a combined 44 from Dragic and Whiteside (after eight in the first). 12 of Whiteside’s rebounds and 15 of Dragic’s assists came after the half.

Monday’s Worst

James Johnson (MIA) -2.2

Johnson came off the bench for 20 minutes, and made two-of-nine shots for five points. He had three rebounds, four fouls, two turnovers and a steal.

Season Standings

Hassan Whiteside 90
Tyler Johnson 39
Dion Waiters 34
Goran Dragic 32
James Johnson 13
Josh Richardson 11
Justise Winslow 6
Willie Reed 3
Rodney McGruder 3