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Five Stars: Heat 105 - Hawks 87 - STAT!

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For the first time this season, the Heat put together their fourth consecutive win. They also overtake the Hawks for first place in the Southeast Division and earn the first Three Stars of the night.

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For those uninitiated, the Five Stars series sets the spotlight on the top five players from Miami's prior game, regardless of team affiliation. Players are ordered by their "GameScore," as defined by and as tabulated by yours truly, that's the first number following each players' name and team. The second number you see listed is a pro-rated number which sets a GameScore of 30 in 36 minutes at 100. Generally, any player who earns a GS/36 over 50 is worth a mention. Over 100 is almost literally off-the-chart.

First Star

Amar'e Stoudemire (MIA) 18.0 (100.93)

It seems only natural that Stoudemire's first appearance in the Five Stars for Miami this season would be at the top of the pile. Starting at center for the Heat, "Stat" ranked 13th in minutes in the game and eighth on his own team with 21:24 on the floor. He earned the only double-double of the game with 13 points on five-of-eight shooting and 12 rebounds (five offensive). He went three-for-four from the line with a plus-16 rating, three steals, and a blocked shot.

Second Star

Dwyane Wade (MIA) 17.7 (73.55)

Wade makes his 28th overall appearance in the Five Stars with 17 points in 28:53. He earned a plus-12 rating and shot five-for-12 from the floor, making seven-of-eight free throws and four defensive rebounds. He had a game-high eight helpers, two steals, and a blocked shot. He now ranks tied with Bernard King for 42nd on the NBA's all-time career scoring leaderboard, with 19,655.

If you would have told me we would have been 9-8 this month, I don't think I would have liked it. - Wade

Third Star

Luol Deng (MIA) 15.7 (58.27)

Deng makes his ninth appearance in the top five players of the night, matching Wade and two Hawks for 17 points (Chris Bosh scored 18 to lead everyone). Deng shot seven-for-14 from the floor, making two-of-five three-pointers and one-of-two foul shots. In 32:20, he earned a plus-11 rating with four rebounds, three assists and two steals.

Fourth Star

Al Horford (ATL) 13.1 (46.19)

Nine-year veteran Horford started at center for the Hawks and scored 17 points with four rebounds, two assists, two blocked shots, a steal, and a game-low minus-26 rating. In 34:02, he shot six-for-10 from the field, making all three of his three-point shot attempts and both of his free throws.

We were in a big hole all night. Offensively, we're not where we need to be. It's a credit to Miami and their defense. - Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer

Fifth Star

Jeff Teague (ATL) 12.4 (56.26)

Seven-year veteran Teague scored 15 points for the Hawks, starting at point guard for Atlanta. He shot just three-for-11 overall, missing all five of his shots from outside while making all nine of his foul shots. He also added six assists, two steals and a blocked shot, earning a minus-14 rating before fouling out in 26:27.

The Rest

Chris Bosh (MIA) 11.5 (41.32)

Now that we've passed that, hopefully we can extend it. - Bosh, on earning the elusive fourth consecutive win.

Paul Millsap (ATL) 11.3 (38.16)

Justise Winslow (MIA) 8.7 (31.42)

Tim Hardaway (ATL) 8.6 (50.96)

Tiago Splitter (ATL) 6.4 (51.13)

Goran Dragic (MIA) 5.3 (27.68)

Kent Bazemore (ATL) 5.0 (18.45)

Dennis Schroder (ATL) 4.8 (27.96)

Gerald Green (MIA) 4.8 (26.82)

Josh McRoberts (MIA) 2.8 (18.96)

Mike Muscala (ATL) 2.0 (105.26)

Darnell Stokes (MIA) 2.0 (203.39)

Thabo Sefolosha (ATL) 1.0 (6.45)

Beno Udrih (MIA) 0.9 (4.32)

Udonis Haslem (MIA) 0.3 (30.51)

Josh Richardson (MIA) 0.0 (0.00)

Mike Scott (ATL) -0.8 (-15.24)

Shelvin Mack (ATL) -1.4 (-73.68)

Lamar Patterson (ATL) -1.4 (-73.68)

Kyle Korver (ATL) -1.7 (-8.55)

Peachtree Hoops can tell you more about the Hawks.

Five Stars Standings

Over the course of the season, I've tracked each players' performance in each game, and awarded points based on the games' outcome and the numbered star that a player earned in that game. If Miami wins and Chris Bosh is the First Star, that's worth 10 points. For comparison's sake, if Miami loses and Gerald Green is the Fourth Star, he is awarded three points. You can extrapolate the rest from the current standings below.




Chris Bosh



Dwyane Wade



Hassan Whiteside



Goran Dragic



Luol Deng



Gerald Green



Tyler Johnson



Amar’e Stoudemire



Beno Udrih



Justise Winslow



After a night off, Miami will travel to Houston to face James Harden and the Rockets on Tuesday night. You can read up on them at the cleverly named The Dream Shake. Keep a page loaded up with Hot Hot Hoops in the meantime for everything you need to know about the once-and-future Champions.