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GameThread: 2016 NBA All-Star Game

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Chat live with us as Dwyane Wade and the Eastern Conference take on Kobe Bryant and the Western Conference in the NBA All-Star game.

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Chat live with us right here in the comments about the 2016 NBA All-Star Game!

Eastern Conference All-Stars

Kyle Lowry
Dwyane Wade
Paul George
LeBron James
Carmelo Anthony

DeMar DeRozan
Paul Millsap
Andre Drummond
John Wall
Isaiah Thomas
Chris Bosh (not playing)
Jimmy Butler (not playing)
Pau Gasol*
Al Horford*

Western Conference All-Stars

Stephen Curry
Russell Westbrook
Kobe Bryant
Kawhi Leonard
Kevin Durant

Klay Thompson
Draymond Green
LaMarcus Aldridge
James Harden
Chris Paul
DeMarcus Cousins
Anthony Davis

*Injury Replacement