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Dwyane Wade attends private dinner for Kobe Bryant during All-Star Weekend

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Wade, along with Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony, invited Kobe Bryant to a private dinner Saturday night. Wade gave Bryant a one-year subscription to Netflix.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This just-concluded NBA All-Star Weekend was notable for standing as the latest stop on NBA great Kobe Bryant's farewell tour. But for the five-time champion, a private dinner with Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony was the moment he will savor the most.

According to the Associated Press, the four All-Stars rented out an apartment after the Saturday night festivities. Dinner was not served until after 2 a.m.

"Respect, that's what it was," Wade told the Associated Press. "It was about respect, ours for him and the respect he's given us. I just wanted to tell him that his respect meant a lot, means a lot, to my career. I went down a list of moments, gave people insight on Kobe and the way he thinks. It was just appreciation, man. His drive, his competitiveness, it helped me early in my career because I wanted to be on his level."

The Heat's franchise player also gave Bryant a customized robe, some clothes bearing his logo and a one-year subscription to Netflix. The maniacal competitor is about to have a bit more time on his hands because he won't have to worry about matching up with Wade anymore.

"The thing that I'll miss is matching up with you guys," Bryant told Wade, Anthony and Paul, according to the AP. "Vanessa will tell you: I'll be in the bed for hours — hours, man — not sleeping, watching film on you guys because you are driving me (expletive) crazy."