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Report: Chris Bosh dealing with blood clots again, season in jeopardy

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Chris Bosh pulled out of the All-Star game and now we learn he is facing another blood clot issue.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

First, let's go ahead and say that none of this is coming from Chris Bosh or the Miami Heat. It is all a report and the details and clear truth could change at any moment.

But Chris Bosh is facing another serious health issue.

He pulled out of the 3-point contest and NBA All-Star game with what was said the be a calf strain. Now, it's been surfaced that it could be a blood clot in the calf. That's the same issue Bosh dealt with last year when he had a blood clot on his lung, that started in his calf, that made him miss the rest of the season.

The report come from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

The Heat was concerned on Monday about another potentially serious health situation involving Chris Bosh, multiple sources said.

Bosh missed Sunday's All-Star game with a strained calf and returned to Miami for additional tests. A person in touch with the Heat's front office said a worrisome problem surfaced Monday, beyond merely a strained calf. Another source said his life was not at risk.

Asked directly if Bosh had been diagnosed with a blood clot in his calf, agent Henry Thomas responded by text: "Too soon for all of that.... Too soon to report that."

We don't have any more details on this, other than what was contributed this morning by Tim Reynolds:

If Chris Bosh is sidelined for an extended amount of time, that may speed up what Pat Riley wants to do at the trade deadline. But all of this is just talk. It seems as though something is going on with Bosh, but the details are unclear and it is unfair to make assumptions or decisions without knowing the entire situation.

The Miami Heat don't play again until Friday against the Hawks.