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Should the Miami Heat consider adding Carlos Boozer?

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The Miami Heat have two open roster spots and maybe Carlos Boozer could help their power rotation.

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The Miami Heat made a few trades around the deadline to get the team under the luxury tax. By doing this, they remove themselves from the repeater tax penalty for a few seasons. Miami now has two open roster spots.

White the general consensus around is going to be let's bring back Michael Beasley, I want to offer an alternative solution.

Carlos Boozer

Now, Boozer is no solution. But let's be honest for a second. We have tried Michael Beasley. We like the idea of Michael Beasley, but it never ends with the idea that we have.

With the uncertainty of Chris Bosh's situation, and a Heat power rotation limited to Hassan Whiteside, Amare Stoudemire, Udonis Haslem and Josh McRoberts. Carlos Boozer could be a viable, cheap option for the team, and here's why.

He can offer low post scoring. Boozer, unlike Beasley can operate in the low post. Boozer has a big frame, and although a bit undersized for a big power forward, he can bully his way to some scores. The Heat really don't have any low post presence. Chris Bosh never really operated down there, and Hassan Whiteside never gets plays called for him -- Boozer may be a nice piece to add in that mix.

He has a ton of experience operating out of the high post. And this is valuable because it is the offense that the Heat run. Boozer made a living hitting the 15-foot jumper off pick-and-rolls and Miami starts its offense in the high post usually through Bosh. If Boozer was added into that mix, he would seem natural in a way that Stoudemire and Haslem do not want to even look at the basket do.

He can rebound. Miami is in the middle of the pack in rebounding in the NBA, an upgrade over recent years thanks to Hassan Whiteside. Boozer has a knack for getting to the ball and is good at second chance points. He would help the Heat rebound when needed.

These are all great, but there are downfalls. Boozer is a known poor defensive player, especially in team systems. That's not good, and will find your way on the bench quickly with Erik Spoelstra. He's also 34 years old. So Miami isn't finding any gem for moving forward, it would be a 25 game rental.

Boozer has a home in Miami and has been linked to the Heat before. He hasn't played all season, but also hasn't retired. He played for the Lakers last year. I have no speculation that the Heat are considering this, but I think it's a worthy idea to be discussed. Regardless, they may wait until buyout season to see what all their options are moving forward.

And he likes Luol Deng.