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Report: Heat would be interested in a bought-out Joe Johnson

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Joe Johnson may be getting a buyout with the Brooklyn Nets, and the Heat may interested. Good idea?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat may be looking for some help in the back court with the injury to Tyler Johnson, who is expected to miss 2 months. They might want to add another Johnson, that is Joe Johnson.

Joe is on a large contract with the Brooklyn Nets who are struggling really really bad. Johnson won't ask for a trade, and there likely won't be too many suitors for a guy with his contract. But, there's always the possibility of a buyout.

If the Nets and Johnson can agree on a number that would allow them to be relieved of part of his contract, they may just part ways with him. That's not a guarantee, but it could be a likely situation, one that happens near every trade deadline in the NBA.

If this happens with Johnson, the Heat could very well be interested, although they wouldn't be the only ones.

Here's the rumor:

If this were to happen and the Heat wanted to make the deal work, they could offer him a good amount of money -- although the tax implications would not be a pleasant welcome for Micky Arison. They'd also have to release a player or trade someone for nothing in return -- probably either Jarnell Stokes, Josh Richardson or Beno Udrih.

That's a lot that needs to fall in place, and this could be a costly (money-wise) move for the Heat. With the decisions they have made this season, it would seem as though it's not likely that they would do this unless they though Joe makes them the difference in the East.

So...Joe Johnson would offer another back-up option for the Heat on the wing. With Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng as the clear starters for the Heat, they also have a standard back-up rotation of Gerald Green and Justise Winslow. For Johnson to find time, he'd be cutting into those guys minutes.

I'm not sure the Heat are willing to let up on Winslow playing as he is the future of the franchise and also makes such a great contribution on the defensive side of the ball. Gerald Green offers instant offense, and I'm not sure of Johnson deserves time over him. If it's not such a clear choice...why make the change?

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