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Is another stint with the Miami Heat inevitable for Michael Beasley?

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Michael Beasley has been with the Heat three different times, is a 4th inevitable this season?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Beasley has completed his season in the Chinese Basketball Association for the Shangdong Golden Stars. He's eligible to return to the NBA.

And guess what? The Miami Heat have some open roster spots.'s only natural to ask the question: when is the GOAT coming back?

The Miami Heat will wait until March 6 before signing any player they deem to keep for the remainder of the season. This will keep them under the luxury tax. By then, it's a mere 5 weeks before the NBA Playoffs will begin. Will Beasley be of assistance?

Michael was drafted by the Heat in 2008 as the second overall selection. After two seasons, the Heat traded him away to make room for Mike Miller to accompany the new Big 3. In 2013-14, the Heat brought him back and he played 55 games for the team. They decided not to bring him back to following season, and then changed their mind and he played in 24 games to close out 2015. So far this season, he hasn't played for the Heat...

But that could all change. There is room. There could be a need with the unknown status of Chris Bosh. And with Goran Dragic running a new-look high powered offense, Beasley could fit right in.

It just seems like the table is set for another Beasley return. But I also get the feeling that it's been tried, and tried again and we aren't trying that again. In Beasley's second stint, Pat Riley thought he could get him for cheap and be a key bench player. Michael wasn't defensive enough to stay on the court in a system led by LeBron James.

The next time around was a different scenario. Chris Bosh was out. McRoberts was out, and the Heat had numerous injuries and difficulties scoring. Beasley was a last resort effort to put some points up and help them make the playoffs. He didn't, and Miami again moved on.

Playing another season overseas in China, one has to wonder if Beasley would even want to come back to the franchise that has given him up to China ball again. Is there another team that would take a gamble on the 27 year-old from Kansas State University.

Personally, I like Beasley and the idea of Beasley, but I don't think it's in the best interest of the team to go after him. Any Beasley minutes would be taken from either McRoberts or Justise Winslow off the bench and I don't think that's a good sub.

What do you think?