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Report: Heat nearing buyout agreement with Beno Udrih

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The Heat are looking to again get below the luxury tax, and a buyout with Beno Udrih could help them do so.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

With the addition of Joe Johnson, the Miami Heat put themselves back over the luxury tax threshold, but now are hoping to drop back below the line.

The Vertical sources reported first that the Miami Heat are nearing an agreement to a contract buyout with injured point guard, Beno Udrih.

Udrih just had foot surgery and will miss the remainder of the season. There's really no reason for Udrih to take a buyout, but Pat Riley has been convincing people to do things for years. The buyout would put the Heat below the line, and then give them flexibility with two more roster spots open that they could fill.

Those spots could go to another point guard, more three-point shooting or even a big to help with the loss of Chris Bosh. One has to think, if the Heat don't pursue a big that maybe it is a sign that they believe Chris Bosh could return.

Udirh is in the final year of a $4.2 two-year deal he signed with Memphis.