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Report: Heat looking for wing help, Rudy Gay a possibility

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Rudy Gay has been mentioned as a possibility for the Heat in their search for help on the wing.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It's not going to be easy. Any trade the Miami Heat attempt to do make is going to cost them. But we have a new report that the Miami Heat are talking with teams about adding wing help to their roster, and one player that has been mentioned is Rudy Gay.

Mike Wallace was the one who said the Heat have been talking with Pacific division teams about making a deal. But it was Steve Kyler from Basketball Insiders who mentioned Rudy Gay as the target.

Here's the deal: Rudy Gay makes $12.4 million this season and has a guaranteed contract for next year at $13.3 million and a player option for $14.2 million the season after that. That's a lot of money and he's 29 years old.

If the Heat were going to make a deal, they are going to have to get creative. The most logical for the Heat would be to trade Josh McRoberts and Chris Andersen for Rudy Gay. But The Sacramento Kings shouldn't be interested in that -- especially because McRoberts also has three years on his contract left.

Maybe a more likely scenario would be to trade Luol Deng and Beno Udrih. Both of those players are expiring contracts, and can make an impact on the team this season.

But here's the better question -- is this the right target for the Miami Heat?

Rudy Gay is shooting 33% from three this year, the area the Heat need real help in. He can score and is long on defense and more athletic than Luol Deng. But is he going to fit into the compliment of the team well? And does a mid-season move really help this team as they continue to gel and get better?

These are all valid questions to consider. And Gay may not be the best fit on the court or financially for the Heat.

Rudy Gay is averaging 17.9 PPG and 6.8 RPG so far this season for the Kings. The trade deadline in the NBA is February 18.