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How does Chris Bosh fit back in with new-style Heat?

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Chris Bosh rejoined the Heat bench and is practicing. How would his return help the Heat and where does he fit in?

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It's a bit of an odd question, right? How does adding an 11-time NBA All-Star and your team's leading scorer back complicate things? But that's exactly where the Heat may find themselves.

Chris Bosh has rejoined the Heat bench for the first time since February 9. When Bosh left the team, there were worries of again packing it in, and maybe keeping your first round draft pick.

But they did the exact opposite. Since the All-Star break, the Heat have been a new team. They are playing faster, moving the ball better, and scoring way more points. They've learned that bringing Hassan Whiteside off the bench and playing the rest of the half works, and they've also allowed Goran Dragic to do his thing.

Sure, the addition of Joe Johnson has been a plus. But it's been more than that. Luol Deng has found new birth as a power forward, and Josh Richardson is straight balling out there. I mean the numbers are there, the Heat are playing better. Even in most losses -- positives could be found.

Here's the issue -- alongside the addition of Joe and this new Heat-look has been the apparent absence of Gerald Green and Josh McRoberts who have played sparingly. The Heat have found a rotation, a group and a core that is working. So what does Bosh do if he rejoins the team so late in the season?

How can he fit back in without disrupting the success?

I think the answer is more simple that we think: start him over Amare Stoudemire.

Now, that doesn't fix all the problems. Stat is only playing 12-16 minutes a game depending on Whiteside's foul trouble. Bosh could take those minutes and then Erik Spoelstra has to figure out the rest. The Heat haven't played a double big lineup in a while. It's been either Luol Deng or four guards with Hassan in the back for the new Heat lineups. Josh McRoberts has played some but again as a center.

Are the days of a Bosh-Whiteside lineup over? I don't know that this would be the case, but they ma be more limited. After you get those first 6 minutes of the half with Bosh in place of Stoudemire, the Heat will have to either take Whiteside's minutes back down or eventually play them together again.

But here's the reality: when Bosh returns it's going to be at the expense of Amare Stoudemire. And that's unfortunate, but it's also what would be best for the team.

There's been no real issue on Bosh or his return but only that he is positive about it. When or if he returns, the Heat will be better, but they will also need to learn how to keep their current style while they incorporate Bosh back into the fold.

Now, tell me your thoughts! What do you think will happen when Chris Bosh is back on the court?
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