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Don't hate the Heat: NBA teams crying foul over Udrih's buyout need to back off

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Recent articles have maligned the Heat management for providing their community with a quality team.

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An ESPN article recently maligned the Miami Heat for Beno Udrih's buyout with the Miami Heat in the wake of the Joe Johnson signing. This hatchet piece hid behind vague generalities of "several NBA teams" without giving specific details or calling out the names of who the teams were. Another case of Heat envy and not being able to keep an excellent management team down.

The NBA landscape is littered with teams getting unfair advantage through incompetent executive decisions. For instance, how does the NBA permit the Cleveland Cavaliers getting three number one draft picks within four years? The broken lottery system should not allow any team to receive more than one top-three draft pick every three years.

The top two teams in franchise value, the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, are worth $5.7 billion dollars, yet have a combined record of 37-86. They are raking in the money and top draft picks, while providing their fans with inferior products, along with lowering NBA revenues in general by stunting growth in the largest NBA markets.

Until Brian Windhorst gives shout-outs to precisely who the unhappy team executives were, readers will never know what hidden agendas were in play by telling him their gripes, instead of airing them publicly. Due to the built-in unfairness of big-market versus small-market teams in the NBA, there will always be a certain amount of friction among teams splitting up the collective pile of cash.

Larry Coon had an excellent summary of how the 2005 CBA differed from the 2011 one, the latter of which was put in place largely to thwart the Miami Heat's style of building championship teams. In particular, if the player's cut of BRI goes back up to 57% in 2017, then look for salaries to take another quantum leap. Add that to income from sale of jersey logos, 2017 negotiations could be even more intense than 2016.

The subject of buyouts, among other rules, will be addressed if either party opts out of the present CBA within nine months. Right now each team has to do its duty to their fan base by giving them the best team possible.

Under present guidelines the Heat simply adapted to the new parameters of the 2011 CBA agreement. Rather than letting jealousy get the better of them, the unnamed teams should focus on their fixing their own problems and instead of hiding behind the veil of anonymity about flaws in the current CBA.