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LeBron and Wade spotted working out together in Miami

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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were spotted together working out in Miami, but does it mean something bigger? Probably not.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers having a light schedule this week, it appears as if he's reunited with his former Miami Heat running mate Dwyane Wade.

The video below tweeted by the Miami Heat subreddit shows Wade and James working out together in Miami.

Of course NBA conspiracy theorists may make a huge deal of what just seems like a friendly get together, but it's clear that Wade will not be uniting with James in Cleveland or vice versa. According to Jason Lieser, Wade also made it clear that he was just working out with James saying:

"It was this morning. That's the gym I work out at. It's not odd for me to work out w/ one of my best friends."

Dwyane and LeBron are two of the best friends in the NBA so it's not odd for them to workout together. Whatever the case I hope they both compared workout plans because if their numbers this season make anything clear, it's that what they're doing works.