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Miami Heat's top three 3-point threats could be deadly in the postseason

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Since the All-Star break the best three-point shooters for the Heat have been Josh Richardson (64%), Joe Johnson (59%), and Josh McRoberts (39%).

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The other Josh may become an important part of the Miami Heat's race to the top. Rested and loaded for heavy minutes for the race to the top, Josh McRoberts could join Chris Bosh and Tyler Johnson as secret weapons for the team's role as an unexpected contender for the NBA title.

Who would consider McRoberts a dangerous 3-point shooter? Since the All-Star break McRoberts has converted his treys at almost a 40% clip. As a group they made 57 of their 97 3-point attempts, or an astounding 59%.

With McBob, Josh Richardson and Joe Johnson on the court together they open up the floor for finishes at the paint by Dwyane Wade, Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside, Amar'e Stoudemire, Luol Deng and Justise Winslow.

Erik Spoelstra redefined the 5

Rotating Stoudemire, Whiteside and McRoberts at the 5 shows how creative Spo is. Starting Amar'e prevents Whiteside getting two quick fouls in first quarter, so Hassan can finish each half when he is needed most. Putting McRoberts in leads to a quick sharing-the-ball group.

McRoberts mastery on the art of assisting sets up teammates for open treys, cuts to the basket and lobs to Hassan and Gerald Green, who can elevate high enough to throw down dunks at the rim. While on the floor together, McRoberts and Green are both threats to see who is the best dunker, bringing back memories of their high-school dunk contest.

The new high-octane Miami Heat have captured the attention of "must-see" NBA action as the season winds down. Coach has the weapons to challenge anyone because Bosh, Richardson, McRoberts, Green, T. Johnson are not exhausted at this time of the year and ready to out-run the more weary stars of their competition.

As LeBron James said, "The pace, we couldn’t keep up with it. With it being our fifth game in seven nights, we just couldn’t keep up with their pace."

The lockdown defense of Winslow, Richardson, Deng, Whiteside, Green is the core principle of the Heat identity. Add that to Winslow or Dragic bringing the ball down the court coast-to-coast, makes other teams pay for not getting back fast enough. Leaving the splash to Richardson and J. Johnson, Winslow is the Russell Westbrook of Miami.

At this time of the season teams are suffering from burning out their key players. The Heat are just starting to bring talented fresh legs into the mix. If Green can get his stroke back, the team could light up their newfound 3-point prowess. The Warriors are getting tired. The Heat are hitting their stride.