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HHH Friday FanDuel Forecast

The NBA season only has a few more weeks left, join us playing FanDuel now and get in on the fun!

Welcome to our weekly forecast of weekend fantasy basketball! With only a few weeks left, you need to start playing now and have some fun...and win some cash!

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Here's my picks for you this weekend as you play. Top heavy plays, medium plays and low-key plays right here for you! Remember, just my take, do what you like!

HIGH - John Wall vs the Timberwolves
Wall has been racking up the assists -- notching double digits consistently. He's in line for a big bounce back game if he can keep the turnovers down.

MID - Klay Thompson vs the Mavericks
There's no sure thing, but I would bet on Klay again scoring 30+ points as the Warriors seek history. Mavs couldn't stop him earlier.

LOW - Jabari Parker vs the Hawks
While Atlanta tries to deal with Giannis, there's no way that Korver is going to handle Parker. This is a good matchup for Jabari and one he should do well with.

HIGH - Paul George vs the Nets
The stage that Paul loves to compete on -- NY. As the Pacers push for playoff contention, George should have a good night against a team looking for lottery balls.

MID - Kevin Love vs the Knicks
If there is ever a game that Kevin Love can start to make a big difference for the Cavs, it is here. Knicks don't have what it take at the PF spot. Love should feed well.

LOW - Jae Crowder vs the Suns
Major matchup advantage for Crowder here and again, Suns could care less.

HIGH - Chris Paul vs the Nuggets
Nobody is going to be sticking to him and I see it being a big day for him. Of all the stars playing this day, he's the most reliable.

MID - Marcin Gortat vs the Lakers
Lakers have terrible interior defense and give up a lot of points to centers. Gortat should eat off the glass and have a good all around game.

LOW - Andre Iguodala vs the 76ers
Against his former team, and likely a blowout, but you never know...I like the play here.


I hope that helps you pick your team! Choose wisely, have fun and join us on FanDuel!

Remember, all this is my opinions and not that of Hot Hot Hoops, SB Nation or FanDuel. FD has given me some cash to start playing.

Start playing now!